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With You Every Step of the Way


A Happier, Healthier You

If you want to invest in something with a huge return, invest in YOURSELF. The goal of treatment should always be to end treatment. Whether it is reducing symptoms or removing the obstacles to your most productive life, we are a results oriented practice that focuses on you taking your life back from day one. We pride ourselves on having doctors that have expertise across the age range: from toddlers to geriatrics. Different problems require different approaches. In our initial evaluative session, we would lay out for you the best course of treatment, which could include individual, couples or family interventions.


No One Gets in Trouble for Being Angry

Perhaps the most misunderstood emotion is anger.  When you ask someone why they are mad, they usually respond, "I'm not f*&#ing mad!"; especially men.  We are taught to deny anger and suppress it, but then when it builds up and comes out at the wrong time, in the wrong way, people are surprised.  Anger management starts with normalization.  It is as normal as any other emotion.  In fact, when someone learns to harness their anger, they can find a very powerful energy supply. However, people don't often learn to acknowledge their anger, own it, and control it.  Our services teach people how to DO SOMETHING about their anger, but that can only happen once they become better at identifying it early.  Untreated anger problems wreak havoc on relationships, your medical health, life satisfaction...practically every aspect of your life.  Learn to adjust the flame and use the anger to get what you want...


“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."- Osha

Pregnancy and the postpartum period is one of the most physically and psychologically intense periods a woman will ever go through. With 15-20% of woman experiencing perinatal mood disorders (depression, anxiety, obsessive and/or intrusive thoughts, PTSD  and psychosis) having a Postpartum Support International certified doctor is essential to effective treatment. Whether it is days or months after delivery, we take treatment very seriously and as such, we may accommodate in-home therapy sessions when childcare stands in the way of treatment. While maternal mental health is highlighted, we expertly treat postpartum depression in fathers and support couples experiencing difficulties in adjusting to their new parental roles.


Bringing Your Best Consistently is the Hardest Thing to Do
(and the best find ways to win when they don't have their best...)

High achievers are different. Athletes, like other high achievers, tend to be successful, competitive, driven people.  They also are very competent people, so the basic assumption that we take is that if the problem was easy to solve, the athlete would have already mastered it. When somebody is seeking sport psychology services, they've hit a wall. Either their physical abilities have taken them as far as they can without maximizing mental skills, or life circumstances have changed and they require adjustment, perspective, resilience and grit. The great thing is the athlete already has the taste of winning and is motivated to work to be the best they can be. It is much harder to maintain excellence than it is to achieve it.  Whether it is performance enhancement or treatment of an emotional struggle an athlete is having, our team knows what it is like to be in the trenches with the best.  We have worked with athletes from the youth sport through professional levels and other high achieving professionals - CEOs, attorneys and surgeons.



Expertise with Compassion

Requiring a forensic psychologist to assist you during a court-related matter can be a very stressful time. Often, people search for professionals who will tell them what they want to hear instead of providing objective, shrewd, empirically-validated evaluations that withstand legal standards and cross-examination. Our forensic team has developed this reputation in Central New Jersey over the past 20 years and are continually being retained throughout the Tri-State area. 
Services provided include Psychological Evaluations for family law (divorce and custody), risk assessment, personal injury, guardianship and criminal competency/responsibility. We also provide court-ordered psychotherapy, oftentimes for reunification therapy, anger management and domestic violence treatment.


Insuring Accurate Diagnoses for Effective Treatment

Probably the most over- and under-diagnosed psychological disorder in children through young adulthood is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD). That is because most professionals diagnose ADHD solely based on behavioral observations. This is insufficient because many disorders have symptoms that overlap with ADHD (depression, PTSD, ODD, etc. ). We utilize the TOVA, which is a continuous performance test that determines if the person's attention is abnormal compared to their age-matched peers AND their own intelligence. We use the TOVA in conjunction with IQ tests, behavioral assessments and personality inventories to individualize the evaluation to the specific referral question. Because the TOVA developers provide medication titration guidelines and the data is easily explained, our practice consults with pediatricians and psychiatrists to insure the lowest effective dose of medication possible when indicated.  In addition, we also can provide assessments for learning disabilities (with educational recommendations) and for giftedness.

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